Argos Engineering


Strategic Macro-Sectors: Comfort, Environment

Supply Chain: Rolling Stock

Operational Sectors: Outfitting, Sub-systems

Reference person: Mr Argeo Bartolomei


Mechanical-Plant Industrial Design by means of advanced Graphics Tecnologies for 3D Drawings and Models development.
Prototype realization on Client’s request.
Design and Project of Vehicles Interiors with integration between lining and plants.
Argos’ activity arises from the need of a “3D Modelling linked to design”, based on several softwares integrated with simulation and calculation systems.

The activity of ARGOS’s Engineering Department is always targeted at the service of Technical and Mechanical Design, while the Consultancy joins the marketing of Specific Technical Software Design and Management of documentation.

In Railway Sector has worked on HVAC Systems for Railway Vehicles, design and assembly of vehicle internal and external devices and plants, re-designing of plants and coach parts in general.

The experience acquired guided ARGOS in the design of inner energy flows (energy transfer liquids water/glycol) and inner air-conditioned supply, termined with functional tests in climatic chamber

Argos has provided Design activities and services also in many other fields:
Automotive and Railway, Chemical, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Robotics.

Addresse and references

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