Ecm SpA


Strategic Macro-Sectors: Environment, Innovative Transport Networks, Safety & Security

Supply Chain: Rolling Stock, Signalling

Operational Sectors: Production, R&D & Engineering, Sub-systems, Testing Maintenance Overhaul


ECM is one of the leading companies in Signalling, where it develops a wide range of systems and products.
The new frontier is represented by ECM’s showcase product consisting of a computer based interlocking known as HMR9. It is completely designed and developed in-house and is capable of remotely controlling and supervising railway traffic for large station areas and long sections of railway all from one control centre.
Moreover, HMR9 is capable of controlling all other systems that today assist the railway traffic such as the above mentioned SCMT and SSC, as well as ERTMS, block sections using axle counters, etc.
Currently ECM is participating in ambitious technological innovation projects aimed at achieving interoperability at a European level, both in terms of safety and signalling, with its products already designed to be installed on systems in compliance with ETCS standards for vehicle interoperability, with the development of modular on-board systems.
ECM is also working with other overseas manufacturers for the parts relative to national systems in other countries.

Address and references

Via IV Novembre, 29
51034 Serravalle Pistoiese Cantagrillo (Pistoia)
Phone: +39 0573 92981